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MASP's educational efforts cover suicide awareness, prevention, intervention and postvention.

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

This 2-day interactive training was developed by the LivingWorks, a Canadian organization, to teach people how to intervene in order to prevent someone from taking immediate action to attempt suicide.  It is not limited to health professionals or caregivers, but designed for anyone who deals with the public - teachers, counselors, coaches, first responders, clergy, retail, etc. - and may be in a position to help. The key objectives are to:

Continuing education (CE) credits are available to social workers who complete the entire training.

*Note: In March 2009, the media reported on a group that uses a name that sounds like ASIST to promote and engage in assisted suicide. ASIST is not that group; it's a suicide prevention program.

Clinical Core Competencies (Assessing & Managing Suicide Risk: Clinical Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals)

This 1-day training is designed to provide mental health professionals with a "best practices" approach to assessing and managing suicide risk. The key objectives are to:

Continuing education (CE) credits can also be earned by psychologists and social workers who complete this training.

Healing and Hope After Suicide

This 1-day training was created to teach survivors how to manage their grief, help them to connect with others who have experienced the same kind of loss, and introduce them to prevention efforts in Michigan to lower their own risk of attempting suicide. Past topics have included:

It is also open to anyone who wants to learn more about how to support those who have been personally touched by suicide, including but not limited to:

Updated on 10/22/2016.